InProgress Research Inc. Launches Tech-Tuesdays, A series of Critical Infrastructure technology-centric short webinars covering select technology trends, their benefits/challenges and how they can be adapted in the Critical Infrastructure environment. For each of the technology trends The webinars will discuss the technology underlying concepts, its fit to the critical infrastructure environment and address some of the industry specific challenges the environment may present. The webinars shall conclude with technology and industry specific best practices, recommendations and use-cases…. And best of all, its FREE!!  


We are all super busy, yet need to keep up-to-date with technology developments so we don’t get left behind. Staying current requires looking into new technologies that are most applicable to our industries with emphases on how these technologies can be adapted to fit best. To efficiently do this while respecting our busy schedules, we need Tech-Nuggets. Tech-Nuggets are Short Technical Webinars that are Technolicious, Content Rich, Concepts Nutritious & Tiny so they are easy to digest.

So … A Tech-Nugget is simply a webinar that is 30 minutes short and introduces a technology, a concept and/or a solution in a way that addresses how it serves a specific industry best.


We already have a couple of webinars upcoming for a starter and we are excited to have you with us along the technology exploration journey. Reserve your spot today, its all Free!


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We look forward to having you with us in our upcoming webinars! 
InProgress Research Inc.
Toronto, Canada
Jun 22nd, 2020