InProgress Research Inc. Launches a dedicated Network & Security Assessment Service geared towards Critical Infrastructure applications 

In light of the most recent events and the broadening scale of hacking activities targeting critical infrastructure assets, IPR is Launching a new Network & Security Assessment service aimed at aiding our infrastructure customers during their journey towards a more reliable and secure operation. The service is extended through DESIAGO, IPR’s consulting and integration name brand. A vendor agnostic integration service that works with multiple network , network security, secure remote access and IIoT partners. Regardless of your vendor of choice, we will be here to help!

Being vendor agnostic extends to DSIAGO the liberty of making the most unbiased recommendations necessary to power and secure your OT environment. The Network & Security Assessment service comes as part of IPR’s complete network services portfolio. The network services offerings extend throughout the entire life cycle of OT networks, starting with the assessment phase all the way through the design, implementation and testing phases.  

And there you have it, the unbiased domain specific expertise ready to power and secure your OT environment !

Let’s take a closer look at the Network & Security Assessment service and what it covers

Network & Security Assessment:

We use a simple methodical process for our network and security assessment, here is a sneak peek. 

The service covers a full network and security assessment of the OT network infrastructure spanning the network architecture, network configuration, security configuration, users/user-groups, sites, remote access/operation, third party access and the connection to the enterprise network. The assessment evaluates the different elements of the infrastructure in lights of the best  OT design & implementation practices, industry standards, as well as, the industry regulations relevant to the specific application (e.g., IEC-61850 and NERC-CIP for power utilities). With regards to security, there are a number of industry specific standards/regulations that come to play depending on the critical infrastructure sector you are in and your geographic location. Here is a list of the most common security standards we often address:

  • IEC-64223 
  • NIST framework
  • IEC-62351
  • ISA

Based on the assessment a report is generated highlighting the recommendations identified to be the key building blocks for a more robust and secure OT network. The assessment report would include:

  • A detailed report on the current state of operation (network, security and related processes)
  • Technology recommendations covering equipment, protocols and methods
  • Design recommendations laying the design building blocks required to achieve the desired network reliability, security and ensure compliance
  • Recommendations on required, role based, network & security training for staff members
  • Recommendations on changes to processes in order to ensure the security measure implemented are utilized and effective

The assessment report would serve as the bases for developing the detailed design and implementation plan, required to direct the deployment, testing and continuous management.  

We look forward to being part of your Network and Network Security transformation journey! 


Toronto, Canada
Jul 21st, 2021

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