What is DELIVER?

A food delivery platform that directly connects local restaurants with a pool of local delivery drivers. Customers order their food directly from the restaurant website for delivery. With DELIVER, restaurants can get their delicious foods delivered hot to their local customers, without the need to hire their own delivery drivers.

Putting the restaurant in charge:

With DELIVER, the restaurant is in charge. Restaurants receive their orders directly from their customers eliminating hefty platform fees. They get to manage the customer experience, online branding, minimum order for free delivery and delivery fees. In addition, restaurants get to have access to their customers online tips. Restaurants pay the drivers directly, and since restaurants save a ton on platform fees they now can afford to pay them better yet still make a lot of extra cash.

DELIVER keeps the restaurant in charge of their business by facilitating access to a shared pool of local drivers, efficiently managing the delivery work flow, and maintaining a record of all completed orders.

Works better for the delivery driver:

For the drivers, the sign-up process is quite simple. With DELIVER drivers have visibility to all available orders in their local area. They can proactively select and accept any order, no need to wait for an offer to be made to them. In addition, drivers can accept multiple future orders and get to be able to plan their days better. All of this comes with a better pay per order as restaurants share the savings and the tips with drivers. Before you accept an order, the driver will know the total pay amount, tips included!

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How does it work?

DELIVER does not handle any customer transactions, nor pay the drivers directly. Customers order their food directly from the restaurant website or call the order in requesting delivery and the restaurant pays the drivers directly. DELIVER facilitates connecting a pool of local restaurants to a pool of local delivery drivers. In addition, DELIVER provides a platform for managing the delivery work flow, and record keeping. Here is how it works:

  • Once the customer order is received through the restaurant website, the restaurant posts a delivery request on the DELIVER platform including the delivery address , customer details, the pay, pickup time and any additional notes ( contains a pizza, large order-car only, customer drop off preference, etc. ) .
  • A delivery driver from the local pool accepts the request. They pick up the food from the restaurant, look over the delivery information including the restaurant notes, and complete the delivery. Once the delivery is complete, the driver notifies the restaurant through the platform.
  • The restaurant have visibility to order status and the driver delivery notes at all times.
  • Once completed, the restaurant pays the driver directly at the frequency agreed using the method specified during the restaurant setup process.
  • No restaurant setup fee, no monthly fees, sign up and you are good to go. DELIVER does not charge the driver any fees for using the platform to earn money, and only costs the restaurant a minimal pay-as-you-use charge comparable to credit card transaction fees. Restaurants only pay when they have an order and are making money, no fixed costs, and no strings.
  • Restaurants can sign up their own drivers to the platform for better record keeping of their drivers’ engagement. They would also be doing their drivers a favor, as they get to have the opportunity to fulfill other restaurants’ orders during their slow time. On the other hand, restaurants would be able to borrow other neighboring restaurants’ drivers during their own busy times. The community spirit makes everyone a winner!
  • Drivers must have a professional food thermal bag, a professional pizza bag (if the order contains a pizza), and maintain professionalism with both customers/restaurants at all times, in order to continue to earn money on the platform. Any reported issues will be investigated and can result in a warning and potential suspension. Maintaining high quality standards is key to the DELIVER network.
  • Should a restaurant find the service of a particular driver below satisfactory for any reason, the DELIVER platform is setup to allow flexibility in preventing the driver subject the complaint from seeing the particular restaurant’s future orders. This gives restaurants control over the quality of their service to their customers.
  • Should the restaurant volume of orders become reasonably high, the restaurant can choose to make a direct API call from their website to the DELIVER platform automating order entry. Basically the customer orders their food from the restaurant website, the restaurant gets notified of the order to prepare the food and a DELIVER driver shows up to pick it up the food without any order entry.

And there you have it, let’s get delivering!

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Join your local DELIVER  network, we are excited to have you! 

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